Monday, 27 May 2013

Barnardos outfit- Mustard

Another exciting installment of Barnardos outfits! Only 1 more to go! Im making it last haha
This time its mustard hues of spring time, not too bright for summer, not too dark to remind everyone of the random weather we've been having of late. 
Simple summery outfit spruced up with warmer mustard colour jacket, cute little half mac from George, to bring it into our rainy weather, I teamed it with these cool clogs I found, we have two different pairs, from F&F by tesco, although they look really good for tesco. I'm surprised. 
Yes I did switch the bag halfway, only because someone bought the other one, which is a good sign I suppose. Hopefully no-one will notice until they read this.....
Well they are still there today, hopefully that's a good sign :D Thats all for today, been uber busy as of late so will blog more tomorow, hope you enjoyed this outfit!

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