Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Shine like a diamond


Ignore the bad photo, friend took it of incredibly messy room, during creative process of getting her outfits ready for photo shoot  but i thought since i havnt blogged outfit for a while may as well use this :P
Ok ignoring massive mess and cats around me just focus on outfit and my new shoes :D
Kinda like my Future floral outfit, well almost exact, so same things there bar different shoes and accessories  wore more gold jewelry to tie in with shoes
Yeh thats my lot for the day, basically all from New Look, finding a new found love for that shop

Monday, 17 December 2012

They Arrived!

My new babies arrived and they are amazing!better than online pic, absolutley love the gold ones, not as shiny and horrible as i was dreading they would b, their just rite, cant wait to wear ;)

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Urban Icon

Can i just give my love for this man?
His amazing Androgynous style and confidence to wear what he wants, wish more people were like him
I love his style yet dont have the confidence to rock it like he does, that and of where i live, so kudos to him <3

New Creepers!

Silver (Silver) Silver Metallic Brothel Creepers | 259607692 | New LookGold (Gold) Gold Loiter Brothel Creepers | 259607693 | New Look
Ordered some new creepers from New Look! Gold and silver metallic ones like Chanel are doing because I is so cool ;) they have an amazing selection online may order some more like the amazing wedges they have <3
Also did an amazing photoshoot on weekend with all my eco fashion! Looks awesome, just have to edit them a bit now, even tho i cant use photoshop or anything like that....may be a while before their done

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Future Floral

 Ok so i couldnt set up camera properly anywhere and lord how i tried ¬¬
so deal with little crappy pics for now please because i wanted to show off my new stuff like this t shirt, which i am in love with! Its an all over floral print, but its a really classy and  William Morris esque print, its not too loud and bright, which is perfect! Its from New Look and was on sale deal for 3 for 2, so essentially this 1 was free! Teamed with 2 for 1 jewelry *bows to New Look*        

 I teamed the top with dark blue jeans, which r rather tight, but im sure they'l stretch, well they r Primark so hopefully will :P every time i go have to get new colour of jeans, im obsessed with them their so good in there! Although these are too tight for some bizarre reason, cant handle my bootay
Im wearing a H&M hat (amazing selection) which i didnt expect to find, its a blue jaguar print, which i love, love animal prints and this is really different, compared to normal brown prints, well done H&M
p.s. I know its clashes horribly but i dont care
Jewelry is from Topman mostly, the handchain is from New Look (using that deal well ;D) once again obsessing with Illuminati symbolism with eyes and triangles and all that funky stuff
Shoes (also New Look) are from blog the other day, cant figure out how to insert link so go back 2 please :D love how they show just enough of my anklets and tattoos
As for hair yes i know its late and the fad is over but iv gone for shaved side look like all the hipsters :P well mine are plaits/cornrows so not quite but hey i like it, with a trim on hair and some layering i think this would suit me well
Well iv tried to be really edgy today my dears so please dont hate but thank for reading my essay if you have got this far
Until next time


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Barnardos Outfit of the week!

Said I would try to do this ;) My beautifully dressed Jennifer, was visual merchandiser for the day again, dressing the mannequins and was really proud of this outfit so thought would be perfect opening outfit for outfit of the week!
I havent checked where any of the pieces are from....should have done that first in hindsight....but ahh well
Not my personal style but i really like the flawless simpleness of the cream jumper and black skirt (beautifully tailored) and the bright pop of orange, my mum bought the coat actually,
So yeh thats my thing for the day, will hopefully share some visuals and ideas for photoshoot and stuff tomorrow
Til then my loves  

New Heels!

Been too long but iv been busy, got an amazing photo shoot concept in mind for all my work iv been doing, so been focused on that bu i just needed to show the love for these shoes!
Found them in St Lukes charity shop and just bought them! My size, unworn, beautiful and from New Look so good quality and all for a fiver!So that was my impulse buy
Worn them around actually their pretty comfy