Monday, 27 May 2013

Barnardos outfit- Mustard

Another exciting installment of Barnardos outfits! Only 1 more to go! Im making it last haha
This time its mustard hues of spring time, not too bright for summer, not too dark to remind everyone of the random weather we've been having of late. 
Simple summery outfit spruced up with warmer mustard colour jacket, cute little half mac from George, to bring it into our rainy weather, I teamed it with these cool clogs I found, we have two different pairs, from F&F by tesco, although they look really good for tesco. I'm surprised. 
Yes I did switch the bag halfway, only because someone bought the other one, which is a good sign I suppose. Hopefully no-one will notice until they read this.....
Well they are still there today, hopefully that's a good sign :D Thats all for today, been uber busy as of late so will blog more tomorow, hope you enjoyed this outfit!

Friday, 24 May 2013


I wore this to Barnardos yesterday and decided I loved how it looked, so decided to share it with my lovely few readers! 
I wore the cat gloves and hat today to share my love of animals! I attempted to match the colours of the shirt to my jeans and shoes, without being too bright and clashing.
I have to admit though after looking at these pictures I look like a complete hipster!
More Barnardos outfits to come! 

 Shirt: BHS from Charity shop
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Nike from  Charity shop
Hat: eBay
Gloves: Charity shop
Collar pins: eBay

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Barnardos OOTD Fuchsia Palms

Yesterday I got to redress all of the mannequins for the new 99p opening today! All of them! Was in heaven..
Anyways heres the first of them, I adore this skirt, was 1 of the volunteers mum's and loved it the moment it came in, gorgeous colour and print, and its so flared I love it, shame I cant wear it really haha
Went for a rather sophisticated look with this outfit and teamed with lace jacket and shirt for summery nights look. 

Charity Haul

Had a good haul in the charity shops this week! Also Barnardos is now a 99p shop, which is kind of sad but great for deals! I have yet to get something from there though...
On with the haul! 
The t shirt above is from British Heart foundation, its designer by Debenams and cost £3.00
THis cool little shirt reminded me of those tribal tattoos everyone seems to have, but in the shape of dragons, which is cooler!
I got it from Age Uk for £2.00
Dunno how to style it yet, but the fun is the finding out. 
I also got this shirt from Age UK for £1.50 for its cool spot and leaves design, because I'm all about the nature, and it was a nice colour. 
Again not sure I have anything that will actually go with it, also this 1 is more dressy than any of my other clothes, so I'll have to find a way to hobo it up.

Look how cute! 
I found this coool Yves Saint Laurent black t shirt in Heart Foundation for only £2! Genuine as well so that a bargain, I dont really like black t shirts though so this will be a nice change for me, as its not all black as well, may have to wait till after the summer heat though haha

I got these cute little gloves from my own lovely shop for just 99p (before it was 99p shop btw) after I found them  upstairs haha
Should be a kids halloween costume but hey I love them and have already worn them ^^
Finally these Nike trainers from Barnardos too, for £4.99 this time, trying to build a trainer collection haha and for charity shop prices I wont break the bank. 
These are pretty comfy but crap for running, which i'm surprised for Nike, good job I dont much of it then ;)

Thats it, stay tune for more posts soon. 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Outfit Of the Day- Hobo Couture

Bad photo time!
I wore this to Barnardos on Saturday and just thought I would share the outfit with you because I haven't in a while...
I just wore comfortable clothes because I was busy that day, so many donations...and so opted for this comfy 90's look, complete with pin badges! 

T shirt: Charity
Jacket: Carboot
Jeans: Chairty
Shoes: New Look
Beanie: eBay
Collar: Carboot

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Barnardos Outfit-Red Work

Second part of my window display! This outfit was half done with the manager, hence the more work look with the trousers, where I would have probably had a skirt or the lacey dress we have, but hey it worked.
Simple work trousers and a more showy and sexy lace top, topped with the beautiful red coat and matching faux laboutins for that flash of red. 
I feel this could a day to night look if you switched it up a little with the trousers and bag a bit, could even be an evening look if simply switched the work style handbag i feel
But that me, I hope you enjoyed this and would love to hear any comments! 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Barnardos Outfit- Orange dream

 Finally I got to dress the mannequins for the shop window again! Its been so long, jumped at the chance, although the manager dressed the other mannequin on her own, so not a complete set today :P
We wanted something bright and colourful for the window and so went with this sheer orange shirt, with is probably the most trend item in our shop right now....
We teamed it with a bright patterned granny skirt, which reminds me of holidays abroad, and has this spiky pink belt for a bit of edge to an other wise relaxed look, and finally teamed with colourblock sandals (managers idea, not mine)
So yeh, thats them dressed for now, more posts coming soon!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Carbootin' outfit

I wore this to go carbootin' the other day ad just forgot to post it, not that amazing but it works, something simple and comfy to walk around in, not that I have that many clothes that arnt....
Wore something waterproof, of course, and worked around that. 
Wore my only waterproof jacket, the leather hoodie and worked from there, I wore creepers, to stay out of them puddles ;) 
I like the colour of the shirt and jeans together, didnt want it too matchy but wore black accessories to tie in with the hoodies

Shirt: Charity
Jeans: Carboot
Leather hoodie: Charity
Beanie: eBay
Shoes: New Look
necklace: Carboot
Dem rings!
dat face

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Desert Hoe

Whenever I get a new piece I cant wait to try it on and wear it out, am I only one? So today was the turn of my new carboot find, the ever cool army jacket! Tried to be remotely summery with my colouring and peices, but kept in mind the delight that is British weather, so heres what we got!

 Jacket: Carboot
T shirt: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Shoezone
Beanie: B&M

 The jacket and t shirt kinda blend into one in some places, but i like that and how the jeans and beanie pick up the different colours in the t shirt occasionally and bring it out, cute shit right there.
I know its a bit warm for the heavy desert boots, but im going with the desert army feel with a twist to brighten your day!
The amount of people that gave me shady looks for wearing the jacket though! It has a little Union Jack flag on the sleeve because  its ex British army jacket, so I know some people may find that odd considering we are in war, but seriously people were looking as if I was burning it! I bought it from a carboot sale, I didnt steal it off any body, no-one was hurt, Im just wearing it, chill.
Sorry rant over, but that really irked me today.
Also I look miserable as sin in this picture?

Cute pumpkin hat! 

Also trying out new place to take photos, better than before but still not sure...

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Carboot Haul (kinda)

Not a very good haul at the carboot today, got 4 items, i blame the torrential rain we had, only have the stalls were open, with like 5 people walking around, sad site
Anywoos found 2 army jackets, which I'm happy about because I love them, got a mini collection now, these were from the same stall for £2 each, kind of expensive but hey would be a tenner if in vintage market ;)
Also is this cute gold chain for £1, good deal, its got some gold marks on clasp but too small to read, have to get that checked 1 day
I also got some Adidis trainers for 50p in pretty bad state so have put them to be scrubbed and washed, hopefully come up better, good deal for 50p!
Thats all for today, not very much to say, hope you guys have had a good day in the rain (or snow)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Think Pink

Getting wigy with it again, love the colour of this wig, the flicky bits annoy me though ¬¬ 
another outfit, this time with a more spring feel for me, a few muted tones of floral and pastel colours to brighten up the day ever so slightly. 

 Shirt: Charity find

Jeans: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Beanie: Charity
Wig: eBay
Eye collar clip: ASOS
Hand chain: Primark

 Been waiting to try on this shirt for a while, but was too thin for before with the cold, but this slight patch of warmth we had was a good excuse for thinner florals!
The shirt is skinny fitting so shows off my little frame which i dont really like, but at least i look taller than usual, bonus! The creepers help in that department too. 

I adore the colour of this wig, tempted to dye my hair a pastel shade, makes me look like a little Harajuku girl ^^ going with that look today with colours and shoes i feel. 
Keeping true to my Illuminati love I wore my eye collar clips, which are my favourite collar clips, to add  a little edge to the feminine look.

So there we go, all done for today, hopefully another 1 tomorrow  may also be going to a carboot, so fingers crossed for a good haul.