Saturday, 7 September 2013

Been a While....

Its been too long and Im sorry!
Been really busy moving furniture and redecorating my room and turning it into my mums study, so all my stuff is in boxes somewhere, hence why i haven't blogged..
But I have found my camera and tripod and getting back into things! I missed bloggin I really did.
Only a week left before uni! Exciting times, cant wait!
Found some cool items in car boots and charity shops recently, probably doubled my wardrobe size, so am wearing most of those items now because I have access to them.
T shirt: DIY by me
Jeans: Charity
Jacket: Car boot
Nikes shoes: Sports World
Hate: eBay
Chain: Charity
I bleached this t shirt recently and I really love the outcome, have done a few more since and loving the custom redesigned grunge look they have, especially with iconic brands like Nike and Addidas.
These trousers are more of an Emerald green but that doesnt show very well on the lighting on this camera, which is a shame, matched perfectly with camo jacket as well, at least I can see the colour combo in full action.
 I bought these shoes really recently, more for practical uses than fashion haha, needed a good pair of shoes for walking back and forth to uni each day, its 25 mins each way for an idea, and these are the best pair I tried on, without looking too horrible and running shoe like.
Well thats all for now, have some more posts coming up, cram then and make up for lost time haha