Thursday, 31 January 2013

Barnardos Outfit of the Day!

New outfit! I know its a week old but hey iv been busy, with work and stuff in middlewich and I have a uni interview in 2 weeks! Yikes! Gotta finish portfolio sharpish! Probably will, but fingers crossed anyway.
Enough of that, heres a new outfit from wonderful charity shop, with a 60's feels to it, like Grease meets Legally Blonde....
Wanted a bright eye catching outfit of hot pinks, clashing patterns and not much else, hope y'all like
quick warning, once uni stuff is out of way, some tutorials hopefully coming your way in terms of wigs, props etc, should be good!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Photoshoot

Some photos from new Photoshoot with my beautiful friend Stacey!

Barnardos OOTD

New Outfit of the Day! Yayy! This time its a trip back to the 90's!  Chunky knitwear, gold chains and layers, all fun nostalgic things. Well not for me, i dont remember the 90's, but for some it will be. So for this look we went for autumn colours of browns, orange and a hint of green,  with subtle print clashing going on for full trend cover. Too tired to fully explain why i like this outfit, but it looks natural, has subtle clashing and matching and isnt too bright, the rest you can decide ;)
Until next times

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tassel outfit!

Another piece im working on! Trying to keep myself busy obviously, got like 4 pieces on the go at the same time, not sure if any will get finished, ah well, i can say i was going for the half finished look?
This was based off a curtain set, its an old army jacket with a net curtain skirt, and obvious tassel and rope placements, wanted to create an outfit out of an old pair of curtains and have the tassels and ties, maybe even poles, to go with it for my eco shoot. after a few designs and alteration this is the brain child of me! its not finished obviously, ties need sewing all the way around, about half finished now, needs finishing and im going to use the other net curtain to cut apart and create flower appliques and attach them too the jacket as if the flower are floating up from the skirt, hopefully it will be good! This is only the top peiec though, there is another outfit underneath, just thought if I added the jacket after i could make 2 outfits in 1 shoot, sneaky eh ;)
Until next time


Sorry its been too long! I know no-one reads this so i dont know who im apologizing to tbf.....
But anyway iv got a work placement at  factory shop, so been really busy actually, its free labour but its good.
Enough of that, heres what i wanted to show! It took about 3-4 hours to make, its from plastic spoons! I have been melting them over a candle, sniffing the fumes :S why it takes so long, for 1 the roses themselves are hard to make, also have to take a break from smell and fumes, otherwise ill prob die, maybe, possibly....
Iv only made 3 roses so far, want to fill the whole headband, so about 4 more flowers to make, them its complito! Still working on things for eco fashion shoot, this will be 1 of those pieces, got an awesome idea of what outfit to team this with, bit messy, lot of layering, but thats the look im going for with this shoot :P
Until next times my beautifuls

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Barnardos Outfit of the Day

Another outfit of the day from the wonderful land of Barnardos, or as we in the biz call it, the Treasure Cove ;) styled by none other than me, well styled i think as well thank u. Bag is from Primark, shoes from George and blazer from River Island, other items either cant remember or recognize. Could do with a nice round hat, Like Yves Saint Laurent had on the catwalk this season, I think that would look nice with the edgy business woman look shes got going on with this look, with the leopard print an all. I love how the rouching (right spelling?) on the arms makes it look like the mannequin has her hands in her pockets, dont know what it would look like on though, no-ones tried. I also like that the blazer isnt black, its more charcoal grey, so the outfit isnt too dark and depressing in the window, also the leopard print and bad and shoes (shoes not very good,i know but best could find)   add a nice flash of colour into the outfit to lift it, with matching brown shades.
Remember all the pieces were found in Barnardos shop itself, so its all good stuff :) doing the other mannequin on saturday, cant wait, is actually favourite part of the job :D

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Love this outfit! The bejeweled bodysuit, the fantastic warrior head piece, the slightly messy waves of blonde hair, adore!

Photo shoot Wigs

Oh hey dur! Just thought I would share my collection of wigs for the ongoing  photo shoot Im doing, Iv made 4 of them! Their all waist length and blend into another colour basically, in a plait or fishtail for a hippie earth child look a la Ke$ha in Warrior promo. Have already used the blonde 1. Cant wait to use the rest!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

London Fashion Week!

Im going to London Fashion Week :D (hopefully) It on the weekend of my birthday, February 16-18 so I thought it would make an amazing birthday trip, see the sights and shows, i just need to book stuff, really excited :D

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Eco Princess

Small part of the photo shoot i did with my wonderful friend Stacey! So kind to let me take these pictures, and to model my stuff anyway! It was freezing when we did this and she only had very thin layers on, bless her, she did some good photo as well, i just need to learn how to photo shop stuff....
So Xmas is over, been hectic, seen family and went out with friends few times, woke up on New Years with a new tattoo, have no idea where it came from, but ah well, all in good fun!
Sorry haven't blogged in a while, not that many people read this, but like I said have been hectic, so will hopefully post more outfits and pieces soon, got an Outfit Of The Day from Barnardos lined up that i dressed today, looked beautiful, if i do say so myself (smug face)
So until the (hopefully) very near future stay beautiful!