Thursday, 10 January 2013

Barnardos Outfit of the Day

Another outfit of the day from the wonderful land of Barnardos, or as we in the biz call it, the Treasure Cove ;) styled by none other than me, well styled i think as well thank u. Bag is from Primark, shoes from George and blazer from River Island, other items either cant remember or recognize. Could do with a nice round hat, Like Yves Saint Laurent had on the catwalk this season, I think that would look nice with the edgy business woman look shes got going on with this look, with the leopard print an all. I love how the rouching (right spelling?) on the arms makes it look like the mannequin has her hands in her pockets, dont know what it would look like on though, no-ones tried. I also like that the blazer isnt black, its more charcoal grey, so the outfit isnt too dark and depressing in the window, also the leopard print and bad and shoes (shoes not very good,i know but best could find)   add a nice flash of colour into the outfit to lift it, with matching brown shades.
Remember all the pieces were found in Barnardos shop itself, so its all good stuff :) doing the other mannequin on saturday, cant wait, is actually favourite part of the job :D