Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tassel outfit!

Another piece im working on! Trying to keep myself busy obviously, got like 4 pieces on the go at the same time, not sure if any will get finished, ah well, i can say i was going for the half finished look?
This was based off a curtain set, its an old army jacket with a net curtain skirt, and obvious tassel and rope placements, wanted to create an outfit out of an old pair of curtains and have the tassels and ties, maybe even poles, to go with it for my eco shoot. after a few designs and alteration this is the brain child of me! its not finished obviously, ties need sewing all the way around, about half finished now, needs finishing and im going to use the other net curtain to cut apart and create flower appliques and attach them too the jacket as if the flower are floating up from the skirt, hopefully it will be good! This is only the top peiec though, there is another outfit underneath, just thought if I added the jacket after i could make 2 outfits in 1 shoot, sneaky eh ;)
Until next time