Wednesday, 21 November 2012

New design!

 Hey so i decided to change the layout of this so it doesnt look as ratchety and i can actually say im proud of the design and layout and stuff. It took like 2 hours to make this picture on word, have no idea why, its not that good but hey im quite special and slow so LMTFA. Oooh on another note il be doing a new thing called outfit of week, with pieces that donated to barnardos, so ya know some free promo for my shop y'all!
So anyway hope to blog soon and i hope someone reads it for a change! peace out bitches

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Been a while again....well i did take photos of few outfits but they were just meh not wow! so never got round to posting :P that and havnt found good place to post camera to take photos, hence the mismatch photos of incomplete outfit (cant even see my boots)  but today i liked my outfit so i thought it deserved a blog :P Iv been obsessed with Illuminati symbolism and stuff recently (after Ke$ha Die Young video) like upside down triangles and eyes crosses and shiz so iv been layering them on plenty, and I found the triangle ring today after saying how i wanted 1! In a charity shop too, see? U should love these places ;D  so that was 1 of my good finds today, happy :D i also found cool triangle shirt and timberland boots but diferent i teamed the ring with my double cross ring from Topman and they compliment each other really well! Both so simple and solid silver (I wish) so go really well together.
The main outfit was a good find too, the vintage camo shirt is from Soho vintage shop in Liverpool, was cool shop should visit, and the allover cuba print tee was in the clearance in Primark in Leeds, havnt seen it in any other Primark so happy about that too :D the jeans are just simple Primark, got like 10 different pairs, not really much of a story......their nice tho. Beanie is from Primark also....god im cheap... But i dont care i really liked the way the colours worked with this and how each piece blended and worked with the other, greens of shirt and t shirt, red of jeans and t shirt, and the Timberland boots are orange and red from t shirt and jeans. So for once my outfit works! Colours go, not too much layering and jewelry, dont look a ratchet mess, I am 1 happy camper ;D

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Illuminati Bitch

So since i have moved my room around i havnt posted my outfit in a while , so i thought id show this ratchet outfit in which i have almost every piece of Illuminati symbolism i have :p inspired by Ke$has new video for Die Young obv ;) gots my eye, skulls and cross and question mark, because i sold my soul  to the devil, just like every celebrity, god that annoys me about youtube video, with smartass people saying this. Anyway rant over all  my lovely evil jewlery is from New Look, they got a good sale and yes its womans clothes but do i care? I got some Brothel Creepers at the same time, got some dirtty looks, wish androgyny was more popular then i could wear more of it and what i want *wipes tear* ahem anyway this is my ratchet outfit for today, basic shit u all where its from, well u should do ;) good night sweethearts 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Jewels!!

Umm yeh its been a while.... Iv been busy, redecorating room and then haloween and i took pictures to upload, but couldnt access my damn account for days was upset thought it had dies :( but its all good in the hood now, got it going again :D
So oookk gurl in this past week i gots lots of new jewelry and stuff this week, took advantage of  buy 1 get 1 free thing in New Look ;) and got the cross and skull necklaces and the the 2 gold rings, they soo purty ^^ the rest is from barnardos and various charity shops, including the amazing gold and silver spinning Budha bracelet! Dont know where that came from but it beautiful ;) I also got the amazing vintage Polariod sunglasses! They r a bit used but they are pretty and cool ;)
Ok so i will back to blogging each day like the good old days (ahh nostalgia) but a bit different and hopefully beter because i know the blogs were carp :P
Okk soo see you soon my lovers