Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Jewels!!

Umm yeh its been a while.... Iv been busy, redecorating room and then haloween and i took pictures to upload, but couldnt access my damn account for days was upset thought it had dies :( but its all good in the hood now, got it going again :D
So oookk gurl in this past week i gots lots of new jewelry and stuff this week, took advantage of  buy 1 get 1 free thing in New Look ;) and got the cross and skull necklaces and the the 2 gold rings, they soo purty ^^ the rest is from barnardos and various charity shops, including the amazing gold and silver spinning Budha bracelet! Dont know where that came from but it beautiful ;) I also got the amazing vintage Polariod sunglasses! They r a bit used but they are pretty and cool ;)
Ok so i will back to blogging each day like the good old days (ahh nostalgia) but a bit different and hopefully beter because i know the blogs were carp :P
Okk soo see you soon my lovers