Thursday, 8 November 2012

Illuminati Bitch

So since i have moved my room around i havnt posted my outfit in a while , so i thought id show this ratchet outfit in which i have almost every piece of Illuminati symbolism i have :p inspired by Ke$has new video for Die Young obv ;) gots my eye, skulls and cross and question mark, because i sold my soul  to the devil, just like every celebrity, god that annoys me about youtube video, with smartass people saying this. Anyway rant over all  my lovely evil jewlery is from New Look, they got a good sale and yes its womans clothes but do i care? I got some Brothel Creepers at the same time, got some dirtty looks, wish androgyny was more popular then i could wear more of it and what i want *wipes tear* ahem anyway this is my ratchet outfit for today, basic shit u all where its from, well u should do ;) good night sweethearts