Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vintage Fair

So the other day there was this cool little vintage fair in Leeds Uni, it was £15 for a kilo of clothes, which you cant beat! Especially when its full of light weight shirts and stuff, I got 2 shirts for £5, so £2.50 each! I love this shirt, its colours, the pattern and its so retro cool, plus it feels really nice, which is always a bonus!  
I have literally been living in these vintage Adidas trainers since I bought them , I got them from a cool vintage shop in Leeds called Vintage, which is like an amazing jumble sale of vintage and retro clothes and shoes. I am in love with all the vintage shops here in Leeds, spend most of my time in there, without buying much haha.

Shirt: Vintage
Jeans: Primark
Jumper: Charity shop
Shoes: Vintage
Cap: Vintage
Necklace: New Look

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Leeds Style File

While exploring Leeds I have found some beautifully dressed people, only this morning did I have a task from uni telling me to photograph them, well I jumped at the chance, I love street style and seeing peoples individual and unique styles and how they style and piece together their outfits.
Also due to the high amount of students and vintage shops in Leeds it leads to an interesting array of styles and fashion, which I love.
 I simply adored this girls jacket! She said it was handmade as well, even more awesome! We had a cool discussion about vintage and charity shops and how she obtains her stand out style, which I may steal some tips from her tbh....
 This woman was early retired (I promised to stress early) and look how great she looks, she had snazzy little sequin converse on as well!
 Loved this pair, they were so friendly and sweet and one also knew someone on my course! Small world, But I love the denim jacket and crop top pairing, wish guys could rock that look.
 I love this shop that I went into, was a sweet little vintage shop full of wonders and curios, also this girl was very kind and has a blog herself! You should check out her work, shes pretty rad
! I love this Mickey jumper (tshirt?) and her green dip dye hair, I want mine this colour, not sure if it would suit me, so maybe wait a while. But she is rocking it like a pro.
 Another girl with a blog! Hers looks so sweet and cute
This guy had beautiful shoes, and such a simple yet cool look to match.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Been a While....

Its been too long and Im sorry!
Been really busy moving furniture and redecorating my room and turning it into my mums study, so all my stuff is in boxes somewhere, hence why i haven't blogged..
But I have found my camera and tripod and getting back into things! I missed bloggin I really did.
Only a week left before uni! Exciting times, cant wait!
Found some cool items in car boots and charity shops recently, probably doubled my wardrobe size, so am wearing most of those items now because I have access to them.
T shirt: DIY by me
Jeans: Charity
Jacket: Car boot
Nikes shoes: Sports World
Hate: eBay
Chain: Charity
I bleached this t shirt recently and I really love the outcome, have done a few more since and loving the custom redesigned grunge look they have, especially with iconic brands like Nike and Addidas.
These trousers are more of an Emerald green but that doesnt show very well on the lighting on this camera, which is a shame, matched perfectly with camo jacket as well, at least I can see the colour combo in full action.
 I bought these shoes really recently, more for practical uses than fashion haha, needed a good pair of shoes for walking back and forth to uni each day, its 25 mins each way for an idea, and these are the best pair I tried on, without looking too horrible and running shoe like.
Well thats all for now, have some more posts coming up, cram then and make up for lost time haha

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Shirt: Reiss
Trousers: New Look
Shoes: Converse
Hat: eBay
Gold Chain: Charity
Excuse crappy pics, but mixture of bad lighting/ IDGAF
New hat! Smae as my black cat ear 1 but found it on eBay for £3 rather than £5 -_- that shit aint cute ebay. So I took advantage of that price and bought the camel version I fancied.
Heres what I wore to Barnardos today, thought it was cool and simple so decided to blog it hope you like it too. Also I found out some terrible news. Since we are a 99p shop we have had to get rid of our mannequins! No more outfits styled by pieces from there! My life is over, I shall no longer work there.....
Of course joking I love that place!
Tried to match my shoes and trousers to the colours on my shirt, think I did quite well dunno about you, but yeh. 
Thats it for today, hope you enjoyed, more soon

Monday, 10 June 2013

Charity haul

Found these little gems in Barnardos! 99p each, the t shirts are a little worn, but for under a pound who really cares? The shirt however is a little retro gem, love the colour blocking, think I can work this shirt with so many pieces, such as my Nike Air Max. It's a womens large though so I'm sure about the fit and size, but we'll see about that later.
Got back from Swansea yesterday so trying to catch up on all the bloggin I missed out on, took some photos, but forgot to take pictures of most of what I wore, so gonna have to retake them :P 
More to come soon

Friday, 7 June 2013

Update (kinda)

Still at my friends, having a quiet one today for recovery haha and am attempting to blog my shit, hopefully can soon, hate leaving my blog for this long, not that many people read it but hey!

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Sorry its been a while but Iv been rather busy (for once) I've visited friends, worked and been a mystery shopper, such fun! But I thought I would take the time to have a cheeky blog before I go off for the week to Swansea to see more friends :D
So I wore this to my friends on Thursday to a house party, which was fun, and took these photos just before I left, hence why they are terrible, also i could not be arsed to take new ones when I got home..
I got this shirt from Barnardos for a whole 99p! Its a woman's not sure where from though as label was missing but I actually love it! I think the colours are beautiful and the pattern is so cool, not too in your face like some shirts....
The jeans are new too, saw them in a charity shop and fell in love with the colour. I adore green, any shade, but these were a beautiful emerald shade, not sure what else to team them with though, I gave it a go yesterday, was hard...
Thats all for now, may blog again tomorow before I go and then will take pics all week and have a massive bloggin session when  I get back! 
Till next time!
ps. got a new tatt on Thursday in case anyone noticed :P

Shirt: Barnardos
Jeans: Charity shop
Shoes: eBay
Hat: eBay
Collar clips: eBay
Skull Necklace: New Look