Sunday, 2 June 2013


Sorry its been a while but Iv been rather busy (for once) I've visited friends, worked and been a mystery shopper, such fun! But I thought I would take the time to have a cheeky blog before I go off for the week to Swansea to see more friends :D
So I wore this to my friends on Thursday to a house party, which was fun, and took these photos just before I left, hence why they are terrible, also i could not be arsed to take new ones when I got home..
I got this shirt from Barnardos for a whole 99p! Its a woman's not sure where from though as label was missing but I actually love it! I think the colours are beautiful and the pattern is so cool, not too in your face like some shirts....
The jeans are new too, saw them in a charity shop and fell in love with the colour. I adore green, any shade, but these were a beautiful emerald shade, not sure what else to team them with though, I gave it a go yesterday, was hard...
Thats all for now, may blog again tomorow before I go and then will take pics all week and have a massive bloggin session when  I get back! 
Till next time!
ps. got a new tatt on Thursday in case anyone noticed :P

Shirt: Barnardos
Jeans: Charity shop
Shoes: eBay
Hat: eBay
Collar clips: eBay
Skull Necklace: New Look