Thursday, 17 January 2013


Sorry its been too long! I know no-one reads this so i dont know who im apologizing to tbf.....
But anyway iv got a work placement at  factory shop, so been really busy actually, its free labour but its good.
Enough of that, heres what i wanted to show! It took about 3-4 hours to make, its from plastic spoons! I have been melting them over a candle, sniffing the fumes :S why it takes so long, for 1 the roses themselves are hard to make, also have to take a break from smell and fumes, otherwise ill prob die, maybe, possibly....
Iv only made 3 roses so far, want to fill the whole headband, so about 4 more flowers to make, them its complito! Still working on things for eco fashion shoot, this will be 1 of those pieces, got an awesome idea of what outfit to team this with, bit messy, lot of layering, but thats the look im going for with this shoot :P
Until next times my beautifuls