Saturday, 11 May 2013

£20 Outfit Challenge

I recently found the $20 makeup challenge on youtube and thought it was such a good idea! Try to make people look at more affordable options and show how you dont have to spend a load to have the look you want. So because I dont do anything with makeup I thought I could translate it into an outfit challenge and spent my lunch break thrifting and looking around, and heres what I came up with.
 Hope you enjoy!

 Top: £2 
Jeans: £1 (Levis)
Shoes: £3.50 (H&M)
Belt: 99p
Hat: 50p
Collar: £2
Spike Cuff: £1

Total: £10.99

All items from charity bar the collar which is from car boot sale.

 Now I dont usually like the neon trend that has been around for a while as I find they items can to be too garish or just not my style, but this is my little take on it, considering it is summer.
I found this cool little skater tee from St Lukes charity shop for only 32, which is strange compared to the other prices in that shop, I think its because there is a few stains on it, hopefully they will come out, looks like tea.
Anyways stains aside I love the pattern of this top, the contrast of the neon tribal stuff against the grey marl background, and what kinda looks like leopard print...
They match these vintage Levis really well, blending the grungy look together with all the rips and shiz...the colours go together really well as well, the only issue i have with these jeans isn't how high waisted they are its the fact that's there's rips all over the ass, So I'm pretty much hanging out, fun...
Peek of snoopy belt too :3

 I got this cute little beanie form the kids section of a Age UK and I remember when it was in the Halloween section of B&M because i bought the pumpkin version but I really love this version, much nicer colour and cuter than the pumpkin.