Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Carboot Haul

Car boot time! This time was only a local church one which didnt have much to choose from so only got 4 items, which sucks but hey, still ok. 
 First up are these kind of hideous trousers i got for only 10p! 10p!! What a bargain! Even though they look like hideous granny trousers now I thought with a bit of sewing skills and altering I could turn them into awesome skinny jeans. I just hope my skills stretch that far....
I hope they will turn out all punk and awesome when I'm finished, may even add a few studs or spikes.

Another bargain for 10p, from the same woman. Again I hope to alter this, hopefully it will all be great practice for the future. I love the print and fabric of this polo shirt, its like a cool golf shirt, covered in these squares of golf things. I'm looking for a black shirt now so I can remove the collar and buttons and add to this because I'm not a fan of polo shirts, not hating just not my style ;)
Finally, see not many things today, is this dangerously beautiful bib necklace from New Look. Its all silver and covered in spikes, so different to the normal collar necklaces you see, which is why I adore it so, it's so dangerous and edgy looking, which hopefully add some much needed glamour to my outfits.
I got it for £2 which is kind of expensive for a carboot but it was still on the paper backing.

That is all for today, not a very good haul but was only a small place, got a few more planned, hopefully they will be better.