Thursday, 23 May 2013

Charity Haul

Had a good haul in the charity shops this week! Also Barnardos is now a 99p shop, which is kind of sad but great for deals! I have yet to get something from there though...
On with the haul! 
The t shirt above is from British Heart foundation, its designer by Debenams and cost £3.00
THis cool little shirt reminded me of those tribal tattoos everyone seems to have, but in the shape of dragons, which is cooler!
I got it from Age Uk for £2.00
Dunno how to style it yet, but the fun is the finding out. 
I also got this shirt from Age UK for £1.50 for its cool spot and leaves design, because I'm all about the nature, and it was a nice colour. 
Again not sure I have anything that will actually go with it, also this 1 is more dressy than any of my other clothes, so I'll have to find a way to hobo it up.

Look how cute! 
I found this coool Yves Saint Laurent black t shirt in Heart Foundation for only £2! Genuine as well so that a bargain, I dont really like black t shirts though so this will be a nice change for me, as its not all black as well, may have to wait till after the summer heat though haha

I got these cute little gloves from my own lovely shop for just 99p (before it was 99p shop btw) after I found them  upstairs haha
Should be a kids halloween costume but hey I love them and have already worn them ^^
Finally these Nike trainers from Barnardos too, for £4.99 this time, trying to build a trainer collection haha and for charity shop prices I wont break the bank. 
These are pretty comfy but crap for running, which i'm surprised for Nike, good job I dont much of it then ;)

Thats it, stay tune for more posts soon.