Thursday, 16 May 2013

Desert Hoe

Whenever I get a new piece I cant wait to try it on and wear it out, am I only one? So today was the turn of my new carboot find, the ever cool army jacket! Tried to be remotely summery with my colouring and peices, but kept in mind the delight that is British weather, so heres what we got!

 Jacket: Carboot
T shirt: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Shoezone
Beanie: B&M

 The jacket and t shirt kinda blend into one in some places, but i like that and how the jeans and beanie pick up the different colours in the t shirt occasionally and bring it out, cute shit right there.
I know its a bit warm for the heavy desert boots, but im going with the desert army feel with a twist to brighten your day!
The amount of people that gave me shady looks for wearing the jacket though! It has a little Union Jack flag on the sleeve because  its ex British army jacket, so I know some people may find that odd considering we are in war, but seriously people were looking as if I was burning it! I bought it from a carboot sale, I didnt steal it off any body, no-one was hurt, Im just wearing it, chill.
Sorry rant over, but that really irked me today.
Also I look miserable as sin in this picture?

Cute pumpkin hat! 

Also trying out new place to take photos, better than before but still not sure...