Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Think Pink

Getting wigy with it again, love the colour of this wig, the flicky bits annoy me though ¬¬ 
another outfit, this time with a more spring feel for me, a few muted tones of floral and pastel colours to brighten up the day ever so slightly. 

 Shirt: Charity find

Jeans: Primark
Shoes: New Look
Beanie: Charity
Wig: eBay
Eye collar clip: ASOS
Hand chain: Primark

 Been waiting to try on this shirt for a while, but was too thin for before with the cold, but this slight patch of warmth we had was a good excuse for thinner florals!
The shirt is skinny fitting so shows off my little frame which i dont really like, but at least i look taller than usual, bonus! The creepers help in that department too. 

I adore the colour of this wig, tempted to dye my hair a pastel shade, makes me look like a little Harajuku girl ^^ going with that look today with colours and shoes i feel. 
Keeping true to my Illuminati love I wore my eye collar clips, which are my favourite collar clips, to add  a little edge to the feminine look.

So there we go, all done for today, hopefully another 1 tomorrow  may also be going to a carboot, so fingers crossed for a good haul.