Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Carboot Haul (kinda)

Not a very good haul at the carboot today, got 4 items, i blame the torrential rain we had, only have the stalls were open, with like 5 people walking around, sad site
Anywoos found 2 army jackets, which I'm happy about because I love them, got a mini collection now, these were from the same stall for £2 each, kind of expensive but hey would be a tenner if in vintage market ;)
Also is this cute gold chain for £1, good deal, its got some gold marks on clasp but too small to read, have to get that checked 1 day
I also got some Adidis trainers for 50p in pretty bad state so have put them to be scrubbed and washed, hopefully come up better, good deal for 50p!
Thats all for today, not very much to say, hope you guys have had a good day in the rain (or snow)