Sunday, 21 April 2013

Outfit Of The Day- Pink Panther.

Been a while since one of these...
I wore this to Barnardos today and got so many compliments on the colours that I thought I would post a picture of it. 

T shirt: Primark limited edition (apparently) 
Jean: Fat face (£1 from carboot)
Shoes: Converse (charity shop)
Denim shirt: Paul Smith (charity) 
Cap: H&M 
Necklace: Charity shop

A mixture of purples and blues today with a distinct animal feel to the look, mixing leopard prints. I love how the oink of the panther mouth matches well with the jeans, although cant tell in the picture.
Close up of the awesome t shirt! Even thought the picture wasn't cropped on the camera.....
You cant see but on the back of the t shirt is a purple leopard print, like in the middle of front print, covering the whole of the back, looks pretty awesome.
Anyway tried to keep colours simple with this look matching the shoes to the shirt and the cap perfectly, in my opinion at least, and the t shirt to the jeans, cute look gurl, cute look.
 Wow my arm looks hairy in this photo....
This is a close up of the bracelets I was wearing, including my watch from the London vintage market, which shows how late I took these photos..
The gold chain is from a car boot sale for 50p the skull bracelet is off eBay, arrived today.
The gold bracelet is one of my favourite, found it in charity shop and worn it almost everyday since, its real gold, hasn't worn off yet, so im assuming its gold, don't really care if its not but it would be nice to have 1 piece of jewelry that wont rub green onto me haha

I love this vintage bracelet, was one of my mums that she gave to me, its from Italy according to the silver mark on the back, its a bit battered and bent out of shape now but it still love its eagle-ness. The chunky gold chain is from a charity shop, along with the matching necklace, great find for 50p! Always on the lookout for second gold jewelry that's quirky or different. the other 3 bracelets are just some I dont ever take off for my own reasons.

Well there we go, first outfit of the day in a while, hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to do a few more, forgot how enjoyable this can be ^^