Thursday, 11 April 2013

Chester Haul!!

 First of my hauls :D

I went to Chester with the family on last friday...I think and visited various different shops and charity shops looking to add to my ever expanding wardrobe haha

First item is this leopard (cheetah maybe?) print jumper i got from H&M for £7 in sale, bargain ;)
I love how soft and comfy this jumper is, and the print, goes without saying, is awesome! i love animal prints and mens clothes rarely do, hence why i drift over to womans, but this was a good find! perfect size, not too big, not too small and the muted tones of the print and colouring will go with so many thing! Like any colour jean i own really....

 I bought another jumper in spring time....
This one is from T K Maxx, who i usually dislike, because my mum had a £15 voucher and decided to give to me? So i bought this camo jumper for £16 (i paid extra pound) with her kind gesture ^^ its by Worn By, whoever they are....., but its pretty good quality, nice and soft and roomy and y'all know i love me some camo print.
The prints only on the front thought which i was surprised and slightly disappointed by if I'm honest, just thought it would be on both sides for some reason, but hey it was reduced from £70 so Im not complaining ;)
I plan to team this with some autumn tone jeans, like browns and oranges....thats all i got so far, i just like camo haha
 Charity shop find #1
I found this lovely shirt (ladies) from George in....a charity shop, i forget which one, but it has a cute dimmed floral print all over in a grey/purple colour, so it wasnt too bright and i your face which i liked. As you can see I have already rolled the sleeves, which is how i wear all my shirts, and its quite slim fitting, which i dont usually do, so will be a nice change for me.

 Another charity shop, this one was only a pound! Its from Nexts custom collection, so should be good quality, it still had card in collar so I'm going to assume its not been worn, and if it has not much.
Again its like a grey/purple print, only with leaves not flowers and smaller and all over, so not that similar really...Apart from rolled sleeves ;D
This one was from the men's section so doesnt ride up in my armpits like woman's shirts do which is a plus :3
This looks great with my purple jeans and my grey beanie, hipstering it up!

I found another No Fear t shirt! Again in a charity shop, getting a little collection of these guys, all from charity haha. This one has little marvel comic style cartoons of....something, im not sure what is happening in the scene really but theres a lot of the scenes so i dont think it matters really.
To be honest theres so many colours and styles in this t shirt alone i dont think it would matter what I pair it with really.

 I got these from the Primark sale section, in mens, their creepy little gangster vampire grillz, kinda cute

This is from the men's Primark sale section too, little creepy gazelle deer thing, look at his evil eyes, wanting to take your soul....

I got these cute little gold collar tips from Primark too, to wear with my shirts (obv) and add some needed glamour, but their thicker than i thought, like an inch thick, which is suprising, but hey their nice.