Wednesday, 24 April 2013

eBay finds

/Hey again!
Kind of a haul, but with things off eBay that I buy weeks apart and arrive fairly close together, so kind of a haul...
I sold quite a few items on there so my Paypal was full of money groaning to be used, so i did!

 First off I bought another wig for me! Because I'm growing my hair out and it looks terrible so I thought I could buy a bunch of wigs and cover the awful follicles haha.
This is another cheap cosplay wig, around £6.00 including p&p, from china and took around 8 weeks to arrive, but I don't mind, looks nice on and that's all that matters.
Its really cheap though, not even a lacefront, just like one of those net costume shop wigs and had a horrible shine when it arrived, that ain't cute girl -_-    but after some styling and talcing it looks a lot better and not as cheap and shiny. 
Also its really short around the ears so can see a bit of my brown hair/side burn poking out, but that's OK I can just shave that bit ;D
Anywoo looks nice on and i love the colour so that's all that matters really. 
I then bought this cute little hat for around a fiver (link below)
I saw this when I was in London on a little stall for £18 in different colours, but it was a tight fit on my huuge head, so I didn't get it, also it was £18...
But I looked on eBay for a while, finding similar prices, which I didn't want to pay for a little hat, however one day a new one was uploaded, only for a fiver this time! More in my price range, so I snapped it up, considering the camel colour too, but we'll see. 
It fits my really well, whereas usually hats are rather tight on me, but this one was a nice fit, so i love it even more. I got black even thought I don't wear it much because it goes with everything really and looks more like the normal classic bowler hats so looks better in my opinion.
The only problem is that the seller scrunched it into a little ball to send and it completely lost it's shape, but I can try mold it and shape it...maybe.
Bought another hat with cat ears on, also in black, but I had no choice in this one. Looks good in black though, reminds me of my two kitties ^^
This one was for £1.90, which is a steal considering all beanies from shops like Topshop and River Island are around £20 each so I'm chuffed with my little find, as I adore hats with animal ears on, got a small collection of trapper hats and spirit hoods with ears.
Fits really well and as I'm always wearing a beanie can go with most of my clothes, even thought the way I wear my beanies makes the ears stick out at the back of my head in a funny angle, so will have to wear this one slightly differently, which is fine with me.
Bought mine from the top link but you can also get them in different colours from another shop!
Kitty Beanie Here! 
Also in colours
Look at dem ears ^^

I know I know, these trainers look pretty disgusting, but they were only £6.50, including p&p for a pair of Nike Air Max so I'm not complaining really, only need a good clean....when I get around to it.
They look dirtier in real life than they did in the picture on eBay which annoyed me a bit if I'm honest, but they did say they were worn so I shouldn't moan. Their in good condition actually, just need a clean.
I thought I would buy into the whole trainer trend and be a slave to the 90's trend. Seen a few more pairs on there for 99p while I'm at it.....
I don't really know what these will go with though because their red and that's not a colour i wear much, but I can ignore that colour ;)

Well that's all for now, wont be spending much now because saving money for uni accommodation, but will be doing a few outfits of the day and stuff so wont be away.
Till next time.