Thursday, 18 April 2013

Car boot Haul!

The second of my hauls, this time to a car boot sale, because charity shops aren't  skanky enough ;D
Not a very big haul this time though, so not very long post.

First off is these Fat Face jeans, which in all fairness are pretty immaculate  until i wore them the day after, now they look awful like the picture shows, but they were pristine when i got them but now their all creased...
But anyways these were only £1 which is a great deal! These are a lovely colour and go with so many items i have, hence why they stood out to me in the pile of clothes. They are a size 8 and skinny  and fit me perfectly, which i was surprised, often jeans fit me awkwardly but these were a beautiful fit, certainly deal of the day!
I've worn them with a pink/purple panther print t shirt and the combination worked well, may make it an outfit of the day.

On another table I found these awesome dungaree short, their like mid length, just below my knees, but i rolled them just above my knee because I prefer rolled up jeans. They were a little more expensive at £2 but considering their not worn i think it was worth it.

Their a medium I think and only fit with dungaree straps on, if I drop them they fall off, so a little baggy but will be nice for the summer, as are nice and breezy so will cool, too chilly now though. Their by Route 66 jeans (I think, labels unclear) who I haven't heard of but they seem to do nice things. 
I might style these in the 90's grunge tend that is so hot right now with a baggy printed t shirt and trainers, or even a jumper. 

This piece is actually a mans adidas jumper, which is a surprise for me haha.
It was £1 because it has a small stain on the front of it, on other side of logo, but hopefully it will come off in the wash, and if it doesn't, for the price it was I can cover it with a gold chain as I'm always wearing one. 
Its a large but its sleeves are quite short, but I can wear them rolled up to the elbows like i wear most jumpers, I think it has shrunk from being washed too many times and it's also quite faded so more than likely. But I like the colour of it now, rather than if it was the bright red it would have been when it was bought, I'm not a fan of bright red so this suits me better than the original colour. I'll be teaming it with my washed out jeans and brothel creepers for a cool 90's feel outfit.

Another pair of creased women's trousers, theses are a 12 though and are a bit baggy on my but will be great for summer as well when its too hot to wear warm skinny jeans. Cant really tell in the picture but they are a really nice shade of red, like a bright red/orange.
They are quite thin and flimsy, almost like chinos but with pleats in the waistband and tapered in the legs to be skinny chinos rather than normal straight leg ones, which i love about them , forget who they are by but labels don't always matter.
Dunno what these will go with in my wardrobe if I'm honest but hell for a pound ill make them go with something! Maybe something like a white t shirt or mix it up a little with something brighter like blue or green, but who knows I'll have to see.

So yeh thats my haul blog for the day, not many items but still nice and cheap haul, more money for next time and to save for uni haha